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Hello everyone!  We, at Grammarly, want to know:


When writing, do you use a dictionary? How do you use it with your writing?


Please let us know.

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Yes,I usually use a dictionary when I write English sentences.

For exsample,if I'd like to find a suitable expression for make a sentence,I draw a Japanese-English electrical dictionary first.And I choose a word from in it.And next I jump to English-English dictionary to see more specific meaning of the word,then I can make some sentence with using example phrase from the dictionary.But,when I have the words and phrases idea,I draw to Enlish-English dictionary at first,and get more information in detail.Now,I need to repeat like the method because I am really not good at writing English.

 Soit is hardly to count it how many times I draw a dictionary,for example,during make a e-mail to sending.

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I use online dictionaries when i'm not sure about the exact meaning of a word, and when I need to see a word in a sentence. 


I use Merriam-Webster Online for definitions, synonyms and examples, and I use Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English, especially for phrasal verbs. 


I also use google search, for idioms and prepositions.




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I use dictionaries quite often because my computer can't spell too well. I have many different ones on my shelf, including three thesaurus. My Webster dictionaries are great because they have a section for punctuation usage as well, but sometimes I need to come here and see how it is actually used in a sentence, rather than just told what its usage is.

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