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I was curious about this tense vs other tenses and this particular online resouce gave the following example that left me more confused. "Jim had been living in Pakistan before he moved to the US." My understanding is that past perfect continuous is when an event occured in the past before another event but has consequence in the present; however, Jim has moved to the US after he had lived in Pakistan which means that the act of living in Pakistan ended in the past when he moved to the US. Shouldn't this sentence be only correct with the past perfect or am I missing something?

asked May 15 '13 at 13:18 sang kang New member

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I really appreciate the time you put into this reply.  I am beginning to understand these two tenses but the myriad of resources out there on the internet seem to give close but subtle differences in definition.  Thank you for bringing to light that there are special circumstances for this particular tense.  My revised understanding of PPC is that it is an action that happened for a duration of time that ended before another action, and PPS is an action that simply happened  before another action.  Does that mean the difference in meaning between PPC and PPS is the quality of expressing the duration of time of the first (or preceding) action?

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