can u correct these sentences


2.)  In the school the English should be taught by qualified teachers.* In the school English should be taught by qualified teachers    3.)  If you eat too much junk food,you might feel a problem in future.*     4.)  In this days youth spend a lot of time at social networking.*     5.)  I can't cope up with a lot of stress.*     6.)  After our discussion,I am understanding you better now.*     7.)  If I were a Prime Minister of this country,I changed the education systems first.*     8.)  He can be able to sing very well.*     9.)  The best part I liked about the movie were the action scenes.*     10.)  Its a big relief that I did not screw up my lab exams.*     11.)  I have earned many friends in my college here.*     12.)  Myself Divya, I am coming from Chennai.*     13.)  My most saddest moment was when I did not got through the interview.*     14.)  When I was in my tenth class,I use to go to play cricket.*     15.)  We all of us visited so many places last year.*     16.)  I'm not speaking to nobody in this class.*     17.)  An interesting incident happened with me in starting.*     18.)  We are having many beautiful beaches in city.*     19.)  I went to library to get as many informations as possible.*     20.)  Most directors do not mind to give chance to new actors.*     21.)  It is no good expecting for promotion within the first six months.*     22.)  George and Meena often argues with their boss.*     23.)  I stay at the back side of the Levis store.*     24.)  Rani Mukherjee's flat is near to my home.*     25.)  I returned back from my home on 2'o clock at Wednesday.*

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2. English should be taught by qualified teachers.

3. If you eat too much junk food, you may develop health problems.

4. The youth of today spend too much time social networking.

5. I can't deal with too much stress.

6. I understand you better after our discussion.

7. If I were the Prime Minister of this country, my first priority would be to change the education system.

8. He sings very well.

9. I most enjoyed the movie's action scenes.

10. It's a big relief that I did not screw up my lab exams. OR I am relieved I didn't fail my lab exams.


Let me know if this helps, and then I will address your remaining 15 sentences!



link comment answered Oct 10 '11 at 21:40 Shaila Fernandes Expert

if it doesn't rain, I'll go to the park with the kids

link comment answered May 10 '13 at 23:48 Thais Gomes New member

when will you come back

link comment answered Jun 11 '13 at 10:05 anitha New member

installed all the systems to our satisfaction

link comment answered Jul 19 '16 at 06:44 vijayalakshmi VP New member

I have been to beach

link comment answered Aug 20 '16 at 13:56 Pinks Pravin New member

Not able to connect the server for  around 1 hour ? 

Is this correct sentence or not.

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link comment answered Jan 05 at 11:22 hosur New member

He plays cricket and his brother also plays cricket

link comment answered Mar 30 at 18:17 Avijit sain New member

Currently passed his first standard exam

link comment answered Apr 20 at 02:25 Mangala Panshikar New member


link comment answered Jul 23 '13 at 03:49 sailesh palikhe New member

the director must persuade 9 peopel to adopt his new hiring policy,

link comment answered Mar 09 '12 at 17:21 khin New member

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