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He mentioned that it is due to his poor management of cash flow problems and promise us that he will settle his problem as soon as possible.
asked May 03 '13 at 14:48 George lim New member

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"Poor management of cash flow problems" is redundant, since "poor" already indicates that he's got a problem. Simplify to one of these:

  • poor management of cash flow
  • cash-flow problems

I like the second one, since it's more concise.


Also, your sentence has some issues with tense. "Is" and "promise" should be in the past tense (like "mentioned"), since this conversation happened in the past. And "will settle" should be changed to the conditional "would settle," since he was only intending to settle his problem -- it wasn't guaranteed to happen.


He mentioned that it was due to his cash-flow problems and promised us that he would settle his problem as soon as possible.

link comment answered May 03 '13 at 17:39 Actually Holly Expert

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