"Similarly to" and "Analogous to"


First, I'm sorry for my poor english. I'm not a native speaker. I want to ask some questions about using the word "Similarly to" and "Analogous to".


1. Can I use the word "Similarly to" at the beginning of the sentence and if it can, please give me some examples? 


2. I have just seen the sentence starting with the word "Analogous to", for example, 

        "Analogous to the motive force, a motive torque is defined as..."

    Is this correct? "Analogous" is an adjective so whether it could be at the beginning of a sentence.


Thank you so much.

asked May 03 '13 at 07:05 hesheit New member

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Similar to and anagolous to/with can both be used (not similarly to).



Similar to his other songs, Justin Timberlake's new song has a very good beat.




Justin Timberlake's songs are really catchy. Similarly, his new song has a really good beat.

link comment answered May 03 '13 at 11:29 Kimberly Expert

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