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Is the phrase "everly forever" correct english grammar?

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RE: INCIDENT BETWEEN THE WRITER ADE RN AND AUDRY THE PCT. On Wednesday at 1700, while I was passing medication, the patient in Rm 428 Bed A's, wife came out of the room, said her husband wanted to be changed, (ADL) I called Wander across the hall way to page the pct, the pct answered on left side of the writer where she was holding blood sugar machine. I told her that the patient needed patient care. After performing the patient care, she came to me, where I was still passing the medication and said that, ‘' I cannot believe you left the patient in the poop, and waited for me to come and change that patient" This lady always came with attitude every time she work with me, there was a day we work together I asked her for a copy of vital signs sheet, she said go get it from the assessment sheet. I thought she didn't know the procedure; I tried to explain to her, but she gave me bad attitude.

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