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I have two small children; the senior is two years old and the junior is five months. We speak three languages at home: Russian, Ukrainian, English. English is the less spoken one, mainly because our nanny doesn't speak English, and we want to compensate it with English cartoons.


Can you recommend English cartoons for kids at the age of 2-3 years? It will be great if they are 5-15 minutes long, not boring, and demonstrate good values.


Examples of Russian cartoons that I think are great for our kids:

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Cartoon list from Kaihan (sent by e-mail):

My kids (aged 3-5) love the following cartoons. This is in list of


1.      The Backyardigans

2.      Pink Panther (though not much English is spoken)

3.      Dora the Explorer

4.      Super Why (this is a GREAT one for teaching language)

5.      Word Girl (also great for languages)

6.      Little Bill (created by Bill Cosby)

7.      Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch

8.      Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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This is the pbskids website and it would be a great place for English videos. 


My #1 pick for videos at pbskids.org would be "Between The Lions."  Teaches kids the written word and shows pictures and video to go along with the text. 


I also wanted to add this site.  Though not technically videos the ABC page might be a great place to visit now and again with your kids.



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Awesome. Thanks Carol! KimberlyFeb 21 '11 at 16:08

Carol, thank you very much! pdskids.org videos available only in US (we live in Ukraine), but second link with ABC works just great! Thank you! Roman VorushinFeb 22 '11 at 09:42

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My son (2 yo) enjoys Finley The Fire Engine. We watch it in Russian though.

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I found a link, not for cartoons, but books. 



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Grammaropolis is a website for elementary-aged kids.  It uses cartoons and games to teach the parts of speech.



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Reply from Seth (sent by e-mail):

Caillou and Baby Einstein are both enjoyed by our kids.  Baby Einstein is educational, but entertaining.  There are many short segments on each dvd, so you could stop and start it at whatever interval you desire.  Caillou is a Canadian production from their public television system.  I think those are around 20 minutes long.  Good values, shows a traditional family unit interacting with each other and the outside world in short stories.

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Bambi  http://vkontakte.ru/video15892812_140723069

and other good old Disney cartoons in English.

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