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Okay, I am trying to make this sentence non-passive. Any suggestions?

See example:

The city of Ur is found mentioned five times in the Bible: Genesis 11:28; 31; 15:7; 1Chronclies 11:35 and Nehemiah 9:7.
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It's important to realise that the passive voice is not incorrect grammar, but rather unclear writing style. But, what is it? Passive voice, simply, is when you transform the object of a sentence into a subject. Here's an example to help you visualise:

Active voice:
"Lightning struck the tree." --> The subject is DOING the action.
(Subject and Actor: lightning, Verb: struck (past simple), Object: the tree)

In the passive voice we take the object of an active sentence and make it the subject of the passive sentence.

Passive voice:
"The tree was struck by lightning." --> The subject is RECEIVING the action
(Subject: The tree, Verb: was struck (past simple passive), Actor: lightning)



Use passive voice when:
1) The actor or the agent is unknown -- "My laptop was taken!"
2) The actor is unimportant -- "The film will be produced in Britain."
3) You want to avoid placing blame or responsibility on someone or something -- "Documents were stolen, calls were made, and justice was ignored!"
4) You're stating general knowledge or truth -- "They are made for each other."
5) To place importance on that which is receiving the action -- "The telephone was invented by Bell."


Floyd, I think your use of the passive voice is acceptable.  I would only suggest saying simply that the city of Ur is mentioned, not found mentioned. 6) You're writing for science as in for a lab report. -- "The soda was mixed with vinegar."  

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Very informative and detailed! Thanks a lot!

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