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I am an American but am a stickler for logical punctuation, yet, notwithstanding diligent research on the Net, I do still have some nagging questions. Please be patient with me on this topic. I believe Geoffrey Pullum would give me a double thumbs-up on these, or at least I hope that he would. That said, here goes.

Are these punctuated correctly per the 'logical view'?

A) When Joan said, "I will no longer tolerate your indiscretions", her husband soon filed for divorce.
{My spin: The comma is not part of that quotation; hence, it goes outside the ending quote marks in this exemplar.}

B) When Dave screamed, "Oh, my God!", he startled everyone in the auditorium.
{My spin: Insert a comma after !" as shown above.}

C) When Frank asked, "Where's the remote?", his wife said the dog had eaten it.{My spin: Insert a comma after ?" as shown above.}

Thank you.
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