Questions about use of commas


Hi, I have a couple of questions about the use of commas:


1. I use the Oxford comma in writing, and I thought there should be a comma after "Amy" in the sentence below, but Grammarly suggests I remove it. What do you think?


"I left Orkney with Andrew, Ian, Jack, and Amy and travelled with them as far as Edinburgh."


2. Is this sentence correct without commas?

"I soon discovered that he wasn’t Danish but Norwegian and that his name was Lars."


3. I thought that "my life force" in the sentence below should have commas around it because it is extra information, but Grammarly suggests that I remove them. What do you think?


"They opened up the place where I had shut the most vital part of myself away, the place where the passionate part of my nature, my life force, had been hiding for so long."


Thanking you for your help!


Best wishes,


asked Apr 08 '13 at 14:27 Gabrielle Bergan New member

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