Is it grammaly correct to say "I hope that all is well with you"?


For formal emails.

See example:

I hope that all is well with you.
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Nowadays,with the progress of society, leadership is a significant factor for the busineese organization. It can be defined as the capability to using minimum resoureces to fufill maxiumum benefits for company. Leadership play a vital role especially in the field of military, multinational company, tourist industry. An effective leader is beneficial to the staff for example improve their work efficiency via motivating strategy.

Three recent studies (Cappelli et al. 2010; Ladkin & Weber 2011; Useem 2010) have examined the impact of the leadership and the characteristics of successful leader in different industry filed. While Webber foucused on leadership in tourist industry, Cappellli et al. and Useem have studied leadership in India and the US military respectively. A major concern of all three article is growing disparity of leadership skills in managing staff during different business environment. This review compare these articles in relation to communication, business knowledge and determination for promoting the development of companies and employees and gaining more competitive advantage.

The three articles all analyse the communication for the leadership characteristic. Their authors examine that the communication is a basic skill which means transfer manager clear direction to the subordinates in order to deal with different people effecitively. Webber and ladkin assert that as an effective leader should be open-minded because you required to accept different perspective from team and staff.(279) This skills can able to moitivate frontline people to deliver good service.(281). According to Cappelli et al, empowering employees communication is necceassay for the leadership. For example, allowing the staff post opinion question on the company website which help manager finding their own solution and receive different views from the subordinates.
Useem point out that leader personally meet his followers to convey their goals is clearly commnunication. The three studies also make the vital point that clear communication is an important element of business to achieve goal more effeictive. Both Ladkin and Webber and Cappelli et al. give the similar perspective on accepet different views is very crucial for a suceessful leader to communicate with their staff , which means when manager make business decision should refer to their subordinate different comments. Unlike them, Useem concced that good communication by face to face is more efficiency for the follower to achieve leader’s goals.

All three articles express a similar concern about determination in leadership. There is general agreement that determination play a key role in business environment. Webber and Link accknowledege that leaders shoud be very firm to impart specific goal for subordinates and ensure their decisions to Continuously push forward. (P.280) Cappelli et al. maintain that companies foucs on major investment in employee development. For instance, the leader utilize so aggressive method to training staff that ensure quality of the workforce in India.(P.60) Useem describes that making timely decionsions is very siginificant for leader. The superior set clear task to staff, and also collect ideas and reactions from these people because they are actually do this job. After this, the leader would make clever decisions about task. Both Capplli et al. and Ladikin and Webber concced that when leadership assigning tasks for the employees should give them a feeling of  agreesiveness , only by doing this way leader’s decisions can lead to better implement. However, Usem assert that a correct and effective deciosions should incorporate the views of subordinates, because leader can acquire real information from the people of frontline. This information can assit superior to make good and timely descions.

Although there is a difference in their proposal, there have two articles call for the siginificance of business konwledege for the leadership characteristic. Although both authors admit business konwledegr fufill an irreplaceable role in competition. However, there have different views in these two studies.Webber and Likin examine that a successful leader need to acckowledge all circumenstance of business, on the other hand, learning about political and economic environment to boost the insutry is nesccssary. Cappelli et al. using the example of Indian show leaders taking the long-term view that utilizing the company’s culture to develop competencies. This method can promote companies flexibility in the market and help leadership to become top managers.(P.92) .

These three studies make significant contributions to an understanding of leadership skills in different field and countries. Three articles all explain why three main factors include communication, determination and buisieness knowledge are very vital for companies development.

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Yes. This sentence is grammatically correct.

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