A Different Point of View


After a recent school test, a young male student came up with a different type of essay that amazed me. For most of his sentences or paragraphs, he would start with the personal pronoun "You are..." or anything like so.


For example:

"You know them to be the signs of your self-mutilation".

"You no longer care. All that matters now is feeding refuse and fuel to the fire that keeps you going; that gives colour and meaning to your life."


My teacher said that such writing style is recommended as well.


All I saw was a piece of paper riddled with nothing but ticks.


I found the essay very interesting and wish to follow suit with the next story I would like to start on. 


Shockingly, I found out that Grammarly did not support this style of writing, or so I presumed. When I typed "You are walking towards a silver-coloured motorized vehicle.", an error regarding my writing style was mentioned. However, when I changed it to "David is walking towards a silver-coloured motorized vehicle.", it gave a perfect 100%. 


I would like to ask: are these kinds of writing styles not supported?

I find the essay flawless because it sounds right to me, but I need an expert's opinion on this.



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