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Hi, I'm new to Grammarly. I'm finding it an excellent tool for checking the manuscirpt of my first book, but I have some questions.

I get conflicting replies to the word 'whom' in this sentence.....first, I'm advised to use 'who', and when I write in 'who', I'm advised to use 'whom'.

Can someone please tell me which word is best to use here?

Thank you!!

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See example:

I was taken aback when Leanne, whom I had never seen before, opened the front door.
asked Apr 04 '13 at 11:11 Gabrielle Bergan New member

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Whom is the correct form because in this sentence you are going to describe  Leanne, which is in the objective case.

I had never seen HIM or HER before.  So the proper conjunction should be in objective case.  Who is subjective case form whereas whom is objective case form.

link answered Apr 05 '13 at 11:29 Z. A. Jazley Expert

Thanks for your comments! It's what I thought too:)

Gabrielle BerganApr 06 '13 at 06:38

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