grammarly correction please


Could you please check if i have word it correctly

1) when I became dedicated to full time writing in 2004


2)This can help young children to become more aware of their natural surroundings as most of the children may have not seen many of the things mentioned in this poem. 


3) I recommend it to published due to its simple language and idea.  It helps kids to have a more colourful, creative and imaginative perspective of Mother Nature.


 4) Personification is used to bring the reader inside the poem to help them picture it in their head and embrace all living creatures and landscapes in their beauty. 


5) He uses repetition in the first and last two lines to emphasise to the reader and to appreciate nature in its natural beauty.  The first two lines are repeated to attempt to take the reader on an adventure to portray images of different natural environments across the globe.

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