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Are there any plans to provide Apple users with a Grammarly plug-in for MSWord?


I am on a subscription plan and will re-consider my membership unless the Grammarly developers provide a clear definite answer as to when they will recognize that most of the users are Mac-based. 


I planned on gifting a subscription to a family member who can't access the web at work, therefore will greatly benefit by having grammarly as an add-on to MSWord.


From a developer's point-of-view, it's not difficult to provide this option to Word for Mac. It's kind of unfathomable that you're providing this service only to PC users.

Mac Apple asked Mar 25 '13 at 15:47 Liz S New member

I have found a very nice alternative to Word and Grammarly. Check out the online application Penzu the writing app. It will work in conjunction with Grammarly. It is also not a plain text editor, had a hard time finding one that was not so that it would function properly. Then you can bring your work into Word to prepare it, a good alternative.

brandon champneyJul 28 '16 at 21:34

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Sounds like a few snobbish responses. Sorry they attempted to insult your intelligence, Liz. Their demeanor should be much, much more inviting and respectful.


Greg G. Publisher

link comment answered Apr 19 '13 at 22:18 Greg Glassford New member

As Patty said, we are not employees here -- merely volunteers.


That said, you misunderstand the nature of the Word plug-in. The plug-in is not the grammar checker. Rather, the plug-in automates the process of copying your text to the clipboard, opening the web browser and the Grammarly webpage, and pasting your text onto the webpage. You do not need the plug-in to use Grammarly -- but you do need Web access. Why?


Grammarly is a web-based application. It does not run on your computer. It runs on Grammarly's server. You MUST have internet access to run the Grammarly service.


Developing a Mac version of the plug-in is a bit problemmatic. With Mac Word 2008, Microsoft removed the ability to run plug-ins (macros). While Microsoft restored it in Mac Word 2011, Mac macros remain a moving target for developers.


And, contrary to your statement that "most of the users are Mac-based." only 6.98% of internet connected devices (computers/tablets/phones) run the Mac OS (as of February 2013). On the other hand, 56.32% of internet devices run Windows. If you look at the market share of desktops/laptops alone, the difference is even more dramatic -- Windows 92.2%, Apple 6.36%,  and Linux 1.41%.


Again, you do not need the plug-in to use the Grammarly service, but you MUST have web access. And finally, I, personally, do not find the plug-in to be especially useful.

link answered Mar 26 '13 at 04:36 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow


Jeremy HoffmanApr 05 '14 at 14:20

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Agree with Greg G. Since when does being a volunteer/Grammarly Fellow, give you the right to adopt such a high-handed attitude. How about a more service oriented approach.



link answered Apr 29 '13 at 01:46 Chris Munday New member

Chris, this is a public forum. Anyone can participate. There are no employees here. I don't work for Grammarly. I don't know anyone who works for Grammarly. No one has offered me a job here. There is no customer service on this public forum. I did not give myself the title of Grammarly Fellow. It just so happens that I have participated here a long time. I have noted many times that I don't like the titles. As a frequent participant, who does not get paid to help or be of service to a single user, it gets very old to constantly read complaints from people who don't read instructions. It happens every day. I tend to respond with the same tone as the OP. If they ask politely, I respond politely.

Patty TApr 29 '13 at 02:51

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The responses to read what is in front of you is a breath of fresh air. Far too often the answer is right there in front of them.

It is the reason I use (Let me google that for you) when questions are asked that are easily answered without involving effort by someone else to make it easier for you.

link comment answered Aug 18 '15 at 16:58 Hank Yeomans New member

Wow, was really thinking of paying for this service but due to the high ranked "volunteers" it seems that I will be taking my business elsewhere.  I will also inform my classmates and associates about the "great customer service" and help offered by the "volunteers."  I am in awe as to how these people got the high ranked service.  If possible I will make sure that anybody I know, work with and interact with do not have to deal with these issues from the "volunteers."  An apology should of been offered to the person asking the question.  This just puts self-awareness and emotional intelligence out the window for these people.  Simple terms, you were rude and uncaring, you were insensitive and arrogant, you need to change, "volunteers."

link comment answered Apr 08 '16 at 15:30 Marti Martinez New member

I have found a very nice alternative to Word and Grammarly. Check out the online application Penzu the writing app. It will work in conjunction with Grammarly. It is also not a plain text editor, had a hard time finding one that was not so that it would function properly. Then you can bring your work into Word to prepare it, a good alternative.

link comment answered Jul 28 '16 at 21:34 brandon champney New member

If Microsoft has attempted to meet the marketing opportunity offered by Mac surely to expand your market to mac would benefit the development costs. I searched on the web for a grammar checker for Mac and found two preferred.  If I had known that it did not fully work as an add-in, I would not have purchased it. I accept that it could be argued that my research was not good enough. To suggest to switch from word and pages to a lesser known alternative does not help. It is an opt out.

link comment answered Nov 05 '16 at 19:25 Jeffrey Gale New member

I don't necessarily disagree with the overall message by Jeff; Mac's are used by the vast minority. However, I do think he is need of the 'Mathematterly' app, Grammarly for mathematics. 


MacOS is an OS designed purely for desktops/laptops. 


If "only 6.98% of internet connected devices (computers/tablets/phones) run the Mac OS", the market share for desktop and laptop should automatically be higher. The overall number of desktops and laptops is lower than the total number of internet connected devices. Moreover, all devices (phones, tablets) incapable of running MacOS are eliminated from the equation. Conversely, the market share of MacOS-operated devices among desktops and laptops should be higher, not lower.


Still, I agree that owning a Mac implicates that some awesomeness is reserved for the majority on the other platform. It is just one of the 'perks' of not owning a Mac.


And yes, I am a Mac user and would love to have Grammarly for Pages and Word on MacOS. 

link comment answered Nov 25 '16 at 15:18 Stijn van den Borne New member

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