Passive voice


how do i change this sentance to a nonpassive voice

See example:

Anti-depressants and other psychotropic drugs are prescribed for, depression, anxiety and personality disorders.
asked Mar 24 '13 at 20:46 Taylor Fee New member

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Before I answer your question, I should point out three problems with your question. Texting teaches us bad habits, and you should get in the habit of using proper punctuation in all writing.


First, the first letter of the first word of every sentence must be capitalized. Always. There are no exceptions to this rule (unless you are e e cummings). Second, the personal pronoun "I" is always capitalized. Always. There are no exception to this rule either. Finally, all sentences end with punctuation -- a period, an exclamation point, or a question mark. Your question needs to end with a question mark.  This is a forum for English grammar and style. You want to use proper grammar and style when posting here.


To be an active sentence, the sentence subject must be an actor capable of causing the action described by the sentence verb.  Who perscribes the drugs?  If you rewrite your sentence so that the answer to that question is the sentence subject, you sentence will be active. For instance, "Doctors perscribe anti-depressants ...."

link comment answered Mar 24 '13 at 21:00 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

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