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I am writing abusiness one e-mail to two individuals. Is it ok to open the letter by separately saying "Hi" to each of them, for example: 

"Hi Mr N, Hi Mrs S, 

[e-mail body]"

Thank you,  Astra

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Like Sanjay said, "hi" is an informal greeting. But email is such a casual medium that even business emails tend to use informal language. Still, repeating "hi" sounds a little awkward. You'd be better off writing it once at the beginning:


Hi Mr. N and Mrs. S,


I've also seen people turn their greetings into brief sentences in business emails:


Hi, Mr. N and Mrs. S.


A more formal version (maybe too formal for email) would be:


Dear Mr. N and Mrs. S:


It really depends on how well you know them, what your relationship is with them and what sort of business you and they are in. But I hope this helps!

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Thank you! This helps! :)

AstraMar 23 '13 at 08:04

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