'My apology! or My apologies!'?


Although I think I have one mistake I would like to apologize for, do I have to say 'My apologies!', not 'My apology!' as an idiom like Congratulations!, I have no plans, and so on. What do you native English speakers think?


Thank you so much as always and have a good day.

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The most common useage is "my apologies" plural, even if you're apologizing for just one thing.

link comment answered Jun 02 at 22:27 americanenglish New member

My apologies! goes natural.

link comment answered Jun 07 at 06:06 JOHN IPADEOLA New member

My apologies or apologies. These are both natural.

link comment answered Sep 18 at 18:10 MARY JOHNSON New member

your apologies or apology

link comment answered Jan 11 at 04:25 Kitty Tam New member

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