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Mind grace from God to  the human Characterized human from the rest of the creatures by mind . So must thanks God for this great grace . Mind make us able Differentiation between right and wrong things . From the mind comes the thinking thier are two kinds of thinking. which are negative and positive thinking. From my personal experience with the positive thinking it gave for my life ambition, optimism, happiness, comfort and safety and everything nice. When I was in secondary school I was very scared to I  be not able to investigation my goal my dream but always I send to my mind positive Messages by using positive thinking skill. Thanks to God I achieved my dream I'm feel so happy .I'm now student in Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE) in chemical engineering this is my personal experience. I will talk in this essay about positive thinking and my opinion and others opinions , analysis and it benefits.

Some people think the thinking of all kinds is the primitiveness it found inside the human since birth .For example some people have  Certificates  high educated but  they dont have positive thinking skill on other hand simple employee is  has positive thinking skill simple employee he will be  happier more than the first person. Also some people think  thinking it used to solve math or physics matters only. Also most of them believe thinking used just to solve the problem which faced them .Example, jobs   problems.

Positive thinking is a mental attitude that sees the bright side of things also positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health, and favorable results.In my opinion the positive thinking is skill which can learn it to be human life more successful and more happiness. For example, there are a lot of training courses to learn this skill.Through my personal experience of positive thinking is an internal feeling is reflected on the outer appearance of a person to be smiling and happy. Analysis between positive and negative thinking, and negative thinking is an internal feeling bad makes a human  feel weak and refraction and pessimistic view of the future. In contrast positive thinking is an internal feeling makes the human happier and has an optimistic outlook.


Positive thinking many functions such as, Improvement in your overall mood, diseases can even be healed through the practice of positive thinking, reduces tension, increased life span, lower rates of depression, lower levels of distress and Move in the right direction to achieve what you .  I advise everyone to acquire this skill learned through training courses. Positive thinking is a good skill I hope all people gain this skill to be sucsful.      

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