Dear experts.

It's realy difficult to me to understand the differences in meaning of the words    behalf  loving reason  sake.


I should use one of them in the sentence : Don't do this for my___________, but for your own benefit!


I just don't understand the meaning of the sentenec.

thank you.

asked Mar 14 '13 at 09:42 Nina Kuznetsova New member

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Since you said "for my ____," it should be "sake."


"Behalf" goes with "on my ____," although its meaning is a little different.


"For her sake" means "to benefit her."  Like, my boss was sick so they canceled the meeting for her sake.


"On her behalf" means "in her place."  Like, my boss is sick so I went to the meeting on her behalf.


"Loving" and "reason" aren't really contenders for a spot in that sentence :)

link comment answered Mar 15 '13 at 23:10 Wallid Fielding Contributor

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