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What is the best way to restate the sentence?

See example:

The new changes also recommended that teachers would stay up to additional 90 minutes during a week for training and meetings or anything else that principal deems important.
asked Mar 10 '13 at 19:51 Meshell Bradley New member

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Revised: The new changes also suggest that it is at the principal's discretion to allow teachers to stay [on campus] up to an additional 90 minutes during the week for approved activities.

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The McGuire Rehabilitation Center provides patients that will cared by physicians, registered nurses and rehabilitation personnel who specialize in physical medicine, rehabilitation and complex medical conditions.

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 the fact that a great many people supports the existence of prejudice.

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 Through the daughter, William Saroyan develops the idea that when parents have a hard time respecting and accepting each other’s way of living, it brings confusion in their children’s lives as they have the power of decision in their hands.

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