Rewrite each sentence using parallel structure to align parallel ideas


she spelled the words quickly and they were accurate

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Hardy people share certain characteristics. They are devoted to their families. Apparently, family life is important to them. They are also committed to their work or something else in their lives. Hardy people except challenges. In fact, declining a challenge is rare among these folks. The are also willing to try new things, more often than not. Control plays a large role in their lives. It is the most important factor, actually. If you feel confident, you will be less stressed.   You experience much greater stress when you feel powerless.

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                          The project goal is to provide strategic guidance and a platform on     gender  for all  ongoing ADPs, ARPs and NO-driven projects. Factors such as the differing needs, interests and constraints of men and women will be taken into account for the development effective and sustainable interventions.  Therefore, the main focus of the project is to build a platform and increase the level of gender responsiveness in WV Lanka’s projects and programs in all three pillars of ministry (TD, HEA and Advocacy). The main partners or beneficiaries of this project are the ADP staff, ARP staff and NO staff representing the various departments of WVL. The project will be strongly in line with Millennium Development Goal 3, the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women. 

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The  focus  on  the  artist  as  a  designer  allows  for  a  consideration  of  techniques  in  his  designs  and  designers  of  today  can  learn  from  his  works. This  indeed  makes  the  exhibition  even  more  contextual 

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Three things that citizens can do themselves to help reduce air pollution is to join car pools,

walking or bicycling to work, or to use mass transportation.

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