Help with best way to conclude an essay?!


I have always had difficulty in what words to use for concluding an essay.

I often resort to 'In conclusion, it can be seen that...'

What other ways are there to effectively conclude an essay?

Pls help!! :-)

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Check out the following pages. These pages are just examples of the lessons you can find on the internet about essay writing.



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In  conclusion,  we  learned  about  how  the  Nazis  dehumanized  the  Jews  like  animals  and  not  caring  about  any  aspect  of  that  person.  We  also  learned  that  Elie  Wiesel  exposed  how  the  Nazis  dehumanized  the  Jews  by  stripping  away  their  freedom  and  taking  away  their  identities.  If  you  turn  a  person  into  a  useless  object,  then  you  can  control  them  in  an  easier  way.  That’s  how  the  Nazis  dehumanized  the  Jews  by  turning  a  person  from  an  equal  to  having  the  same  properties  as  an  object  is  not  a  really  respectable  act.  The  Jews  had  no  chance  to  defend  themselves  against  the  Nazis.  From  knowing  this,  the  Nazis  believed  that  they  were  destined  to  rule  the  world  and  have  great  power  around  the  world.  Even  though  the  world  is  very  cruel  and  people  are  dehumanized,  Elie  Wiesel  said  a  powerful  statement  about  the  Jewish  people  finally  having  freedom  that  said, “Let  Israel  be  given  a  chance,  let  hatred  and  danger  be  removed  from  their  horizons,  and  there  will  be  peace  in  and  around  the  Holy  Land.”

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