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How can I correctly use this sentence? I asked the lady who worked at Zara to help me or I asked the lady who work at Zara to help me? I've seen both of this used and wondering what's the difference since the lady at zara was working and nothing has changed. Please explain :)

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Worked is correct if the lady worked there in past not not.

Works is correct if the lady still works there.

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               “AN IMPORTANT FRIEND”

        It was a very special and fun time for me and my best friend. It was my favorite day from my school life, It was the Annual Function!!!!. My Class was selected to perform a dance in front of many Audience, as they were our parents. There were like 78 class who were going to perform a dance on different songs. My class was the last one to perform so my whole was just having fun and, by the way, there was no teacher in our class. The show was started. I Can hear the announcements.

“Let’s do something, My friend,” I said in an excited voice.

“I was Just thinking something man” He replied me in a curious voice.

“That's the spirit!!!,” I said him in a confidential voice.

While we were discussing, the teacher came with sandwiches in the room. I was able to smell the hot creamy cheese and the toasted bread with some sauce. She just distribute the sandwiches and went away. I just opened the wrapper off the sandwich and dip the sandwich in the sauce and took a bite of it.

“tasty,” I said to myself.

   By taking bite-to-bite, I finished the sandwich but there was a lot of sauce left. I just thought that the sauce could help us doing something naughty. While I was thinking, I saw the fan and had a lightbulb in my head.

“I got an idea,” I screamed at Akshat happily.

“what,” Akshat asked me excitedly 

“ just follow the steps as I do them,” I said to him in a funny voice

“ ok” Akshat replied me in a soft voice.

Then I took the cup of sauce and threw it in the fan, As the fan was On.  my friend was doing this in the other fan at the same time.
He was like “yeah Dhruv Nice idea “.

  This was a fun, but the results were worst. Because of the fan was on and it was on its maximum speed, assumes the cup of sauce touched the fan the speed of fan just spread it on the White-Bright wall. The wall had a lot of Sauce drops on the wall. It seemed like We just threw the paint on the plane white paper. I was looking at Akshat and he looked at me. we both were knowing that we were in a big trouble. When the other friends of my class saw this they just said us that

“ U guys are in a big trouble,” my classmate said seriously.

While this the teacher enter the class and saw the wall.

she just yelled at us that “who did this”

We just raised our hands and she just took us with her to Principal's office. we Just walked with her downstairs and went in the principal's office and the teacher said everything to her. The principal just asked us that
“what punishment should I give you”.

We just said “we will clean the mess we did yesterday”

  “ok,” she Said

Then the Function has over, we performed the dance but tomorrow we need to clean it. so we entered the school next day and went into principal's office to pick up the materials we need to clean the sauce on the wall. Then we started cleaning it as fast as we can but it was a hard time for us. And after finishing the cleaning we were back at our home. By this experience, I and my friend learned a lesson that whatever you do has a good or a bad result. But we carried on doing those things and always get in trouble.  

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Why u ask dis question?

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babyy , first of all thank you so much for being so caring towards me ..just because im sick u came last midnight just to pass me vitamin C since i don't have and cheer me up with some jokes and yes thanks again for today's treat I owe you alot ! Loves 

link comment answered Jun 30 '15 at 11:39 Tanaletchumi Thiagarajan New member

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