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How can I correctly use this sentence? I asked the lady who worked at Zara to help me or I asked the lady who work at Zara to help me? I've seen both of this used and wondering what's the difference since the lady at zara was working and nothing has changed. Please explain :)

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"I asked the lady who worked at Zara to help me..." is past tense, hence the "-ed" attached to the word "work".

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Disability is a condition resulting from a loss of physical functioning, or difficulties in learning and social adjustment that significantly interferes with normal growth and development. (Saskatchewan Polytechnic, 2016, pg. 14).
In order to know, how a person with a disability live their lives and what problems do they face. I played a role of a person as a blind. The life of a person with blindness is not very easy; he has to cope with a number of difficulties in his life.

A person with blindness is unable to see. He has to use his other senses to help himself in a daily living such as touching, hearing, speaking and using nose for sensing smell. He can also take a help of some other people. Some people with this kind of disability use guide dog or cane while walking.
The most common causes of blindness are uncorrected refractive errors, cataracts, infections, and glaucoma. Blindness can also be caused by problems in the brain due to stroke, prematurity, trauma, and accident. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2016)

I accomplished the role play of a blind by wearing an eye mask. During playing the role, I also took a help of my aunt in performing daily tasks. I also made use of my other senses like touching, hearing, and speaking that is obvious to help myself during my role play.


In the morning, I woke up and wore an eye mask to cover my eyes. First, as usual, I went to the bathroom slowly-slowly and carefully. I made use of my hands to figure out the way to the bathroom. Next, in the bathroom, I faced a problem regarding which toothbrush is mine, where is toothpaste, and in hanging clothes on hooks. After trying a lot, at last, I called my aunt for help. After that, I faced a problem during which clothes should I wore, as I was unable to see and was not sure whether I was selecting right-matching clothes.
Secondly, during a meal I faced a lot of problems in figuring out which food item is exactly where on my plate. My co-ordination of hands was very poor during meals as I was unable to see. I was helped by my aunt during the meal as I was making many mistakes. I spilled the glass full of water during my meal and for that, I felt very embarrassed and bad.
Some of the other problems I faced during my role play were – I was unable to read anything, unable to go from my room to another room without getting my head hit the walls or something else. I was also unable to watch television screen and was able to hear sound only, unable to write properly, not able to use a mobile phone and was having a problem in getting dressed up.

In the evening, I went to a market to buy grocery with my aunt. First, with the help of my aunt, I went down the stairs and then to a car slowly-slowly and watching my steps. I was afraid of getting fell down and get hurt. In the car, I faced a problem regarding buckling up my seatbelt. On the way to the market, I was only able to hear the sounds and was able to feel the objects that were passing us. This was very strange and uncomfortable experience for me. I was asking my aunt again and again “where we have reached now”. After we reached there, I was feeling very nervous, as I was unable to see anything. I went inside the market with the assistance of my aunt. In there I was only able to hear voices, I was totally confused in which way should I go, but with the help of my aunt I was able to figure out things and which way we were going. She helped me in finding the grocery section and in buying the grocery. I was wondering that if I am alone and no one is there with me to assist, how hard it will be for me to do things on my own. The life of people with a disability is really very tough.

After coming back home, I thought that being in darkness all the time is very painful and traumatic experience for people with blindness. They have to depend on others most of the time. Even though they have adapted to live according to their disability, but they also dream of or have a desire to see the colorful world with their own eyes. During my role play, most of the time, I got frustrated. As I was unable to do things right and was taking too much time to perform simple tasks. I also felt very embarrassed, uncomfortable, and nervous when I was doing things wrongly and facing difficulties while performing tasks. The people who are blind right from their birth are the most vulnerable people, who even don’t know how the world looks like in which they live. They also don’t know how they and the people, especially family members, friends, and relatives with whom he lives looks like. Life of people with blindness is very hard, but with the help and support of family members, and a helper; they are able to live their life better and can perform daily living tasks easily. They feel secure and safe.  

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1. The sample which is catfish and climbing perch was weighed and measured the length using scales and ruler. 2. The fish was killed by pithing and the brain or central nervous system in the head region was cut. 3. For ectoparasite, fin, skin and gills smear was examined by using clean scalpel. The mucous was scraped from the part of a body of fish skin, fin and the gills of fish. 4. Mucous scrapings was placed on a clean glass slide and a drop of saline was added on glass slide and covered with a glass slide 5. The glass slide was examined under the light microscope. 6. The step 2 until 5 was repeated with another type of fish.

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               “AN IMPORTANT FRIEND”

        It was a very special and fun time for me and my best friend. It was my favorite day from my school life, It was the Annual Function!!!!. My Class was selected to perform a dance in front of many Audience, as they were our parents. There were like 78 class who were going to perform a dance on different songs. My class was the last one to perform so my whole was just having fun and, by the way, there was no teacher in our class. The show was started. I Can hear the announcements.

“Let’s do something, My friend,” I said in an excited voice.

“I was Just thinking something man” He replied me in a curious voice.

“That's the spirit!!!,” I said him in a confidential voice.

While we were discussing, the teacher came with sandwiches in the room. I was able to smell the hot creamy cheese and the toasted bread with some sauce. She just distribute the sandwiches and went away. I just opened the wrapper off the sandwich and dip the sandwich in the sauce and took a bite of it.

“tasty,” I said to myself.

   By taking bite-to-bite, I finished the sandwich but there was a lot of sauce left. I just thought that the sauce could help us doing something naughty. While I was thinking, I saw the fan and had a lightbulb in my head.

“I got an idea,” I screamed at Akshat happily.

“what,” Akshat asked me excitedly 

“ just follow the steps as I do them,” I said to him in a funny voice

“ ok” Akshat replied me in a soft voice.

Then I took the cup of sauce and threw it in the fan, As the fan was On.  my friend was doing this in the other fan at the same time.
He was like “yeah Dhruv Nice idea “.

  This was a fun, but the results were worst. Because of the fan was on and it was on its maximum speed, assumes the cup of sauce touched the fan the speed of fan just spread it on the White-Bright wall. The wall had a lot of Sauce drops on the wall. It seemed like We just threw the paint on the plane white paper. I was looking at Akshat and he looked at me. we both were knowing that we were in a big trouble. When the other friends of my class saw this they just said us that

“ U guys are in a big trouble,” my classmate said seriously.

While this the teacher enter the class and saw the wall.

she just yelled at us that “who did this”

We just raised our hands and she just took us with her to Principal's office. we Just walked with her downstairs and went in the principal's office and the teacher said everything to her. The principal just asked us that
“what punishment should I give you”.

We just said “we will clean the mess we did yesterday”

  “ok,” she Said

Then the Function has over, we performed the dance but tomorrow we need to clean it. so we entered the school next day and went into principal's office to pick up the materials we need to clean the sauce on the wall. Then we started cleaning it as fast as we can but it was a hard time for us. And after finishing the cleaning we were back at our home. By this experience, I and my friend learned a lesson that whatever you do has a good or a bad result. But we carried on doing those things and always get in trouble.  

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Why u ask dis question?

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babyy , first of all thank you so much for being so caring towards me ..just because im sick u came last midnight just to pass me vitamin C since i don't have and cheer me up with some jokes and yes thanks again for today's treat I owe you alot ! Loves 

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