how should i write this sentence to avoid pronoun disagreement??

See example:

Since Rifkin's argument is weak, readers need more explanation or validation of Rifkin's evidence, warrants, rebuttals, and qualifications, for its argument to determine if they are agreeing or disagreeing.
asked Mar 04 '13 at 20:34 Edward Pieter Gaghansa New member

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On one hand, you should change "its argument" to "his argument" to make it agree. But on the other hand, after you do that you should delete "for his argument" entirely because it's redundant.


Also, you don't need a comma at the end of a list, so get rid of the one after "qualifications." :)


With a few more optimizations, your new sentence becomes:


Since Rifkin's argument is weak, reaers need more explanation of his evidence, warrants, rebuttals, and qualifications to determine if they agree or disagree.

link comment answered Mar 08 '13 at 09:43 Wallid Fielding Contributor

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