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Dear Experts,


Request your review on the below paragraphs, in terms of correct use of words, sentence framing, punctuation, and any other applicable changes. I understand that this may somewhat lengthy for you, but would highly appreciate your kind assistance.  




We have been observing various irrelevancies in context to not adhering to the standard Separation guidelines, apparently required to cater the key factors associated with the employee's separation, and that by any means are resulting in unanticipated delays in processing the smooth and uninterrupted separation of employee's from the services.


Apart from this, the above factors are also responsible for aggravating the frequency of reworking requests of various sorts, thus posing risks to the application as well as compliance parameters.


Considering the above indicators, we have organized a comprehensive and detailed session in order to facilitate and streamline the seamless flow of  timely and accurate exit procedures of the employees.




Thanks in advance.



is it correct asked Feb 26 '13 at 18:34 Joseph New member

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