Everyone I've asked has a different take on which word is correct.


Here are two examples of sentences :


If I were you, I would have paid that bill before the due date.  Is "were" correct, or would it be "was" ?


If I were closer to your school, I would have loved to see your soccer game.  Is "were" correct,

or  should I have used "was"  ?  Help please. 

asked Jun 15 '11 at 12:49 Nancy Erhardt New member

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"Were" is the correct form in both examples, since the sentences describe situations/conditions that are not actually "true."   

Although English is considered a Germanic language, nonetheless much of its grammatical usage and terminology derive from Latin grammar.  In Latin grammar this would be considered "hypothetical subjunctive contrary to fact."  Or, more simply: If it's not the real, the actual situation--use the subjunctive.

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Were is correct.

In case number one, "was" can be used, too. My teacher said it's okay.

So with "If I" sentence, just put "Were" for sure; and you don't have to worried about it.

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