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is a standard language of identifying, designing, building, and documenting the objects of software systems, business modeling and other non-software systems. The UML stand for s meeting finest engineering practices that have been successful in the modeling of large and complicated systems. The UML uses graphical notes to convey the design of software projects. UML is an open standard language, managed by object management group, UML born 1980 -1990. UML helps project teams in several ways of communication, searching possible designs, and validating the architectural design of the software, uses mechanism, marked values, and restraints without touching the integrity.

UML used to describe static view of the architectural style, UML define stereotypes of met classes already defined in its meta model to fulfill the same function.

Uml has numerous benefits , UML convened model is well documented anpreviously on well founded terminology , UML convey of various modeling constructs to tool devlopers,uml is designed for the domain of software design and analysis UML introduces constructs at high level of granularity , UML is object oriented ,meaning the structure ,the basic access and manipulation behavior and complex mechanism can be separated from end user tools and encapsulated in the schema

UML use approaches to explain the concept without affecting the integrity, “UML uses methods such as stereotypes, tagged values and constraints that may be employed to supplement or adapt the core concepts without corrupting the integrity of those are concepts”

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- A graphical sign has written info

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UML is an open standard language, managed by object management group, UML born 1980 -1990.
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1. You have spelled "grammar" wrong in the title


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As I looked at my section layouts, I felt the final product did not turned out as I expected

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