Punctuation: how do I use '※ ※ ※' to separate ideas?


Recently I saw these '※ ※ ※' being used like I've never seen before. I'm used to seeing ※ ※ ※ used after large blocks of text, generally to signify a new location, time, or thought. It made me wonder, what is the correct usage of ※ ※ ※, and what on earth are these characters called?


Here is the example:

But here he was, confronting his fears, like no one else ever would. He looked at the door. It was made of gold. He then woke up.


※ ※ ※


"When will I rid myself of these garnish nightmares?" he said, waking up.


He flashed back to her golden hair in the moonlight.


※ ※ ※


He then woke up again. Momentums rained the straps upon its horses; Rabbits lining up to a restaurant to eat decomposing rabbits.

http://goo.gl/NkmZi - A link to the quoted text. Thank you for your time, and thank you for welcoming me into your community!


Iain SutherlandFeb 18 '13 at 10:26

I'm confused, why the negative rating, did I ask a foolish question? I'm new here, so perhaps I don't understand your community vision: would someone care to explain?

Iain SutherlandFeb 18 '13 at 19:30

Sometimes we can't explain why someone gets a downvote. If a question is definitely not appropriate for this forum, then it is easy to figure out. Your question is about style rather than grammar. But we do often discuss style here, so I don't know why you got downvoted. Maybe someone didn't like thinking about decaying rabbits.

Patty TFeb 19 '13 at 00:14

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