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I have not been able to find my text after it was edited. What happen?

asked Jun 10 '11 at 23:14 John W. Pelham New member

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Add me to the list. I was working inside of the pop-out window inside of the Chrome extension. The text was there and then disappeared after returning to the text field in Chrome. There is no history to access that text within my Grammarly account so all that work and time is just gone.


I don't get the security concern. I'm logged in using Grammarly. Text history, particularly in a pop-out window, should be added as a basic feature.

link comment answered Sep 15 '16 at 18:47 Richmond Wheeler New member

While one the laptop i saved my work. I open on my desktop at home and start typing and everything disappears, but the last two letter of the text I was typing. Oh well I saved it to my laptop open it up and its the last two letters from my desktop. Grammarly a scum bag BS. with too many problems. Hours upon hours of work wasted. 

link answered Sep 22 '16 at 05:08 Nicholas Williams New member

i agree

benFeb 22 at 22:42

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I was using Grammarly and I never logged out. I got an error message and thought the data was saved. It erased all of my text the entire document.   You have a problem and Grammarly needs  to fix it.   

Don't give a security reasons B.S answer.  Fix it.  Your program erases people work.   I have had this hapen enough times that I can now prove that it is happening. The first time I was accused of plagerism and was threatened by the school. I could not understand what happend unitl I opened the submiited documents.  I thought the paper was completed and the scan and corrections were in place. I saved and the data that was scanned was gone. NOt just the corrections but all of the work.     So if you get an error message during the scanning process kiss all your hard work behind.   This stupid glitch cost me a letter grade and ruined my 4.0.   All I wanted was a second set of eyes that I don't have available.   I promise I will video the process if it happens again.   I will post the proof on youtube.    Fix your software.         

link edited Jul 25 '16 at 01:32 Leslie Rodgers New member

The same thing has happened to me, I am so dsitruaght, it has deleted everything. all my work I did on my novel all I have is notes. I'm so unhappy and angry !!

lucky Aug 21 '16 at 20:58

My work was also deleted, roughly ten minutes before I was ready to submit it. I was typing and editing simultaneously. I have no evidence of the work, with the exception of the thumbnail. This was pages of hard work down the drain. This has apparently been happening for years, based upon the previous statements. I'm paying for the premium plan and yet am not receiving premium service. My initial opinion was favorable, but if there is no recovery plan, based on human error or perhaps Gramnarly's faulty system, this is wrong and beyond frustrating!

Clemmie GlennSep 02 '16 at 05:47

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Just happened to me yesterday!! 3 hours of work gone!! 

link comment answered Oct 05 '16 at 15:41 Stephanie Simard New member


link comment answered Oct 10 '16 at 02:37 Talia Arielle New member

I was using the Grammarly editor I downloaded to my laptop.  Suddenly a message pops up saying I have lost my internet connection.  I click try again and my document is back but without any of the work I have done today!!


My next act was to delete this worthless app from my laptop.  It can be as intuitive grammatically as you like but to leave you without a most basic feature as automatic save even in the downloaded desktop app it the end of it for me.

link comment answered Oct 24 '16 at 22:41 Steve Kreis New member

same here. lost weeks of work. i was going between my documents and suddenly every document had the same content.

link comment answered Dec 22 '16 at 08:46 sabie New member

I was working on my book this evening when I lost Internet connection. As soon as connection was re-established, I logged back into Grammarly, just to find my hours of work were gone. Poof.


Thankfully, most of what I typed today is on hard copy, so not all is lost, but all of my time is lost. Based on that, I will not upgrade to a paying member.


In fact, I will not log back into Grammarly. I'm off to find a different software.



link comment answered Feb 08 at 05:37 Annie New member

You know the idea is good around this tool. But if you are not going to safeguard work then the risk of using it outweighs the usefulness. Why not fix the product to enhance your customer service?

link comment answered Mar 22 at 00:41 James Sean King New member

you know mine was a blog from facebook..why did it disappear..what happened? It went back to the orignial -- I never sent it back...why did it stop?  Just trying to understand what happened to my work


This sucks and since I was working on something for social welfare and I am not doing again --good luck to those who needed a voice.  I tried. I had the network, I did the work and this lame application did the bulldozing.

link comment answered Mar 23 at 23:34 Regina Alesso New member



For security reasons, Grammarly does not save any texts which have been checked.  If you logged out and the document you checked was not in the editor upon logging in again, you will need to check the text again.  Be sure to save the report as a PDF file before logging out, just to be safe.


If you have any more questions, please write to Grammarly Support.


Thank you.


Kim J. 


Grammarly Answers Moderator

link answered Jun 11 '11 at 19:56 Kimberly Expert

the phrase "if you have logged out" that significant because my computer and the account have remained signed in.....where can I find the developers caches or the URL files...what does it look like in the console and can I get step by step instructions? THE CODE

Please find help and just don't say no.

Regina Alesso1 day ago

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