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I have not been able to find my text after it was edited. What happen?

asked Jun 10 '11 at 23:14 John W. Pelham New member

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For security reasons, Grammarly does not save any texts which have been checked.  If you logged out and the document you checked was not in the editor upon logging in again, you will need to check the text again.  Be sure to save the report as a PDF file before logging out, just to be safe.


If you have any more questions, please write to Grammarly Support.


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Kim J. 


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link comment answered Jun 11 '11 at 19:56 Kimberly Expert

I was using Grammarly and I never logged out. I got an error message and thought the data was saved. It erased all of my text the entire document.   You have a problem and Grammarly needs  to fix it.   

Don't give a security reasons B.S answer.  Fix it.  Your program erases people work.   I have had this hapen enough times that I can now prove that it is happening. The first time I was accused of plagerism and was threatened by the school. I could not understand what happend unitl I opened the submiited documents.  I thought the paper was completed and the scan and corrections were in place. I saved and the data that was scanned was gone. NOt just the corrections but all of the work.     So if you get an error message during the scanning process kiss all your hard work behind.   This stupid glitch cost me a letter grade and ruined my 4.0.   All I wanted was a second set of eyes that I don't have available.   I promise I will video the process if it happens again.   I will post the proof on youtube.    Fix your software.         

link edited Jul 25 at 01:32 Leslie Rodgers New member

The same thing has happened to me, I am so dsitruaght, it has deleted everything. all my work I did on my novel all I have is notes. I'm so unhappy and angry !!

lucky Aug 21 at 20:58

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