is there an option that i can download my papers and he/she read my paper and fix the mistakes ? it is better than doing it by my self because sometimes it is hard to find your mistakes

See example:

For instance, words such as "eyesore" and "murky waters" make it quite easy for the reader to have an image which shows the extent to which the place is so awful.
asked Feb 13 '13 at 03:12 abdulaziz aldossary New member

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Sigh.  Please go back to the page where you posted this question and read -- read! I say -- the instructions there.


This forum is not for quesions about the software or the Grammarly service. The forum is for asking questios about grammar and style. We know nothing about the Grammarly service and nobody here works for Grammarly.


Please read before you post.

link comment answered Feb 13 '13 at 03:46 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

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