Why has Grammarly tagged a sentence?


I wrote:

 When you have completed the material to your satisfaction, and are totally happy with it, send it to me.


Grammarly checked it and responded with:

 Review this sentence for sentence fragments.

 Explanation and Examples

 Ensure you do not have any sentence fragments (i.e. incomplete sentences).

 Consider re-wording your sentence or connecting the fragment to a main clause. Possibly, a comma is missing, perhaps after an introductory word or phrase.

 A fragment is created when the subject and predicate are not in the same clause. Sometimes this happens if part of the main clause has become separated from the rest. A period may be replaced with another form of punctuation.


Why is the sentence wrong as it is written?

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Thank you. I'll redo it.

link comment answered Feb 05 '13 at 23:44 Diana Hirsch New member

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