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"Everything around us seemed as if it were moving at light speed while my wife and I sat motionless."

I can not seem to get this wording correctly please help.

See example:

Everything around us seemed as if it were moving at light speed, while my wife and i sat motionless.
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Effective communication is not about  “you”. It is about discovering what other people want and need and then adopting your presentation to match their needs 

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In preparing these agricultural tasks, we have made a site visit to the farm cultivation of mushrooms. We have chosen Gano farm located in Tanjung Sepat, Selangor, Malaysia. Long distance travel from Universiti Putra Malaysia takes an hour and a half.

Ganofarm Homestay is set in a quiet countryside in the south of Selangor state, in a fishing village called Tanjung Sepat. People mainly consist of Malay, Chinese, Indian and aborigines. The villages conserve the original warmness of heart and peaceful smile. You can see superb children cycling around through all the lane and the aborigines scratch for clams on the beach to sell to the restaurant. It is about one and half hour drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur and 45 minutes' drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and LCCT terminal. It is situated in between Sepang Gold Coast, Golden Palm Resort, a world-class famous resort and Pantai Morib, a government maintains the beach, at the Kuala Langat district. There is only about 10 to 15 minutes' drive from both beaches and resorts.

The resort is a newly built 4 stories building with 32 rooms, fully furnished with amenities that most of the resorts have, including two multipurpose halls and a meeting room for 20 people. Besides that, we have nice landscaping and man-made waterfall and water fountain, fish pond and so on. It is a nice place to watch and snap the sunset either at the beach of Ganofarm Homestay.

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. Changes in the place of women in the labor market are related to changes in the place of women in the family and again exemplify the interconnections between processes of production and consumption (Bondi, 1991).

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In the study on looking ahead at potential events that may impact on the project and by putting actions in place to address or can pro-actively manage risks and increase the chances of successfully delivering the project.

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