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Subject to change Job with modified grade

Beginning is my pleasure to extend to you sincere thanks and appreciation for what you attach attention and follow-up to improve work performance management and I also took the opportunity to express to you my pride and my sincere thanks for your support and encouragement continued to us, this reference to the above subject please you to kindly approving the amendment Named job with modified grade my where I joined work factory Jaber since 3 \ 3 \ 2010 profession industrial engineer and I'm currently work profession Maintenance Engineer and Assistant General Manager of Maintenance and you during my time in my factory is committed to regulations and laws company has performed a practical utmost efficiency and achievement and expanded the scope of my responsibility technically factory, administrative and developed my game, which then reflected on the productivity of the plant. This is evidenced managers direct and general manager.
I would also like to explain to you I bring with me 11 years of experience working in Egypt in the same area before practical company Al Jaber and the certificates and documents which confirm this and also carry international certificates in the field of specialty electrical and computer networks. All of these experiences are reported by the plant to the fullest and this is illustrated biography Li came with my address.
So I ask you to consider the above-mentioned subject

Yours Sincerely

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