Please correct my sentence.


I am writing a story and MS-WORD  showing grammar mistake to this. Could any help me with explanation.


An aged man of age around 50-55 who escapes from his BOSS to attend his unknown son’s marriage.


Thank you

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An aged man of age around 50-55 who escapes from his BOSS to attend his unknown son’s marriage.



Other appropriate ways may be as follows:


There are men between the ages of 50-55 years old who try to get away from their bosses to attend other family matters.  (There is no need to explain about the son's situation)

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Thank you for the reply. My main theme is about a man escapes from his BOSS(I did capitalize this because I haven't named the boss) to attend his son's marriage about him the man doesn't know anything except he is getting married.

SndpFeb 04 '13 at 18:07

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When explaining about a simple request like finding ways to take leave from work is just to the point.  One does not have to mention the reason's in detail.  If the requesting party has to explain there reason's you may want to check up with someone in the EEO office to clarify if there are any written state wide policies and procedures in place.  

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I think so too.  It's how it was worded.

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An aged man of around 50-55 years escapes from his BOSS to attend his unknown son's marriage.

It's telling you to check the grammar because it is a fragment. Getting rid of "who" fixes that, and rewording the part about his age makes it easier to understand. :)

link comment answered Feb 03 '13 at 16:43 Melissa Jones New member

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