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In general, you need a comma whenever you are joining clauses to complete sentences (this includes combining sentences to make compound sentences).  Simple sentences don't usually need commas, unless you are including a list.


For example:


Simple sentence:  I went shopping today.


Simple sentence with list:  I went shopping Thursday, Friday, and today.


Compound sentence (two complete sentences joined with a comma and conjunction):


I went shopping, but I didn't buy anything.


 I went shopping, and I bought some shoes.


Complex sentences:


Although I went shopping yesterday, I am going to go today.


I want to go shopping today, despite shopping all day yesterday.


Since last week, I have been shopping twice.


In these examples, notice that the comma joins the main clause (in bold) with the subordinate clause.



I've tried to explain this simply.  It doesn't explain everything, but explaing most uses. I hope this helps.



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What if you remove the pronoun immediately after the comma and preposition in order to achieve a more 'conversational' tone like you might want to do with dialogue? EX: I went shopping, but didn't buy anything. Is it still necessary to use the comma? Chris NorburyNov 16 '11 at 21:06

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Very good question Sach Khan. I have the same question. I hope you get an answer soon. It will help me as well.


Don Hrnjak

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