subject verb agreement



Active voice: I have been providing intervention to John for the past 5 year.
Passive voice: John has been provided intervention for the past 5 year. 


What is the subject verb agreement when convert a sentence from active to passive?

For example,
Active voice = I have been providing,
Passive voice = John has been provided (since john is a third person singular can I use has been provided).


Is it a correct sentence? what is the correct subject verb agreement?

asked Jan 29 '13 at 03:18 sarasbabu New member

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Active voice sentence is correct, which is present perfect continuous, but passive voice has minor mistake. Passive voice present perfect continious subject verb agreement is have been being + past parciple verb.Therefore the correct passive sentence is "John has been being provided ......."

link answered Jan 29 '13 at 04:51 revathi New member

Thanks Revathi for your input.

sarasbabuJan 30 '13 at 01:12

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