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Q.That tall man is carring a lot of lumber.

which of the following is a correct rewritten sentence?



a.The tall man carries a lot of lumber.

b.The lumber is carried by the tall man.

c.A lot of lumber is being carried by that tall man.

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3)Provide handling training to driver by our mechanic.

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Like banking institutions, the Non Bank Financial Intermediaries (NBFI) as a group and other financial markets have withal gone through a massive expansion process. The NBFIs and other financial markets as alternative sources of financial accommodations have been optically discerned expanding rapidly and gaining consequentiality due to their ability to meet the diverse financial requisites of the economic agents of the country. At the earlier stage of development concretely in the 1950s, there were a few numbers of NBFIs in Malaysia. Along with rapid expansion of economic activities, the number of NBFIs has withal incremented substantially to include a sizably voluminous number of individual institutions in the list. The resulting effect has witnessed the NBFIs achieved a considerable level of development in the financial system and have rapidly expanded in cognation to the size of the Malaysian economy.      Most of the NBFIs in Malaysia are developed in concomitant with the expansion of economic activities as to accommodate the concrete purport in the economy concretely to provide long-term financing for industrialization efforts of the economy. The mazuma that NBFIs mobilize categorically through contractual savings (provident, pension and indemnification funds which are by far the most sizably voluminous component of NBFIs in Malaysia) are mostly of long-term in nature (highly illiquid).  On the other hand, the deposits that banking institutions mobilize are mostly of short term (liquid) in nature as their businesses are predicated on depositors‟ mazuma. As such, it is perilous for the banks to get involved in long term financing businesses with short termed  sources of mazuma, mismatch of which can jeopardize the macroeconomic stability.       The development of NBFIs is of great consequentiality for the development of capital market. A sophisticated and well-developed capital market accommodates as the backbone of market predicated economies like the US and the UK whereby the key players are the NBFIs (concretely, pension, provident and indemnification institutions; unit trust industries, mortgage and building societies etc.). They play a paramount role in enhancing the health of the capital market by incrementing the injuctive authorization for shares/securities and the caliber of professional fund management which in turn increase market capitalization, and the value traded relative to GDP (Vittas, 1997). The incrementing participation of NBFIs in the development of capital market in Malaysia designates this. For example in 2004, while banking institutions reduced their holdings of securities (private debt securities and equities) by 11.6 per cent or RM 12.2 billion, the NBFIs (only provident, pension and indemnification) incremented their investment in securities by 9.7 per cent or RM 23.6 billion.      The NBFIs in Malaysia withal play a paramount role in macroeconomic stability categorically with veneration to price stability. This is through the financing of the government‟s direct development activities that largely come in the form of “captive” savings, categorically in the employee provident fund. The mazuma that the regime raises from employee provident fund, indemnification fund and additionally from national savings bank for financing its development efforts are essentially non-inflationary sources which reduce pressure on the economy (BNM, 1994).The Rapid expansion of NBFIs can additionally affect employment magnification concretely through expanding minute and medium sized enterprises. Minute and medium size enterprises mundanely have inhibited access to bank credit due to rigorous collateral requisites against loans. They additionally face constraints in accessing the capital market. In elongating minute sized loans, NBFIs on one hand can facilitate the financial constraints of these enterprises; on the other hand, they can additionally avail to expand business opportunities, which have spill-over effects on engendering employment opportunities. With these features of NBFIs development along with the development of banking institutions and financial market, the financial system of Malaysia today has become relatively more matured, sophisticated, broader and better structured which is (on its all fronts) playing a crucial role in expediting the salubrious magnification of Malaysian economy.

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It is difficult to identify gaps in my knowledge as an English major, only because I feel like I have learned so much. I feel that I have largely expanded my literary analysis and writing skills, but I need to be prepared to teach high school students their required literature. I think it would be useful to identify commonly taught novels in our local high schools and study them myself. By studying the required literature and thinking about how to teach it, I will have a sturdy foundation to work from once I am in the classroom.

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The gap value is derived by taking the difference between actual and potential values of the variable

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