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How can this be revised? Please help

See example:

Ethics on the other hand are reflected actions that a professional should take when resolving an ethical issue and usually coded, for example, American Nursing Association Code of Ethics for Nurses .
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Thank you, It does help!!

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I'm working on an abstract. One very long sentence without periods. I am have trouble with comma's and semi-colon's and the like...could someone help me work on the following sentence please


Phillips in “Frankenpolitics,” continues his argument on the mode of production by revealing what is not the problem; “underproduction is not the problem, but rather, the lack of egalitarian distribution; Lee further implicates, society’s “over-reliance on certain products doesn’t come from genetic modification, but rather the  “economics of the modern farming system,” thus, Phillips unfavorable stance on organic foods not offering additional nutrition.   

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