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How could I make this sentence better?

They also work with statistcian to determine the study end points, sample size, analysization of data and data in the final analysis.

See example:

They also work with statistcian to determine the study end points, sample size, analysization of data and data in the final analysis.
asked Jan 20 '13 at 00:56 Nikki Atkins New member

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The sentence has several issues. Are you referring to one statistcian or many? a specific statistcian or a particular statistcian? Depending on your intended meaning, the sentence should read:


They also work with a statistcian ...

They also work with the statistcian ...

They also work with statistcians ...


The preferred spelling (at least in American English) is endpoints -- see Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and The Oxford Dictionary of American English.


There are multiple problems with analysization. First, spelling -- I cannot find this spelling in either my American English or British English dictionaries. It does not appear in the definitive Oxford English Dictionary corpus. Analyzation does appear. It is somewhat archaic and means analysis. I would recommend using analysis instead of analyzation.


Second, does "determine the analysis of the data" mean what you intend? To my ear, this is vague. I suspect you mean something like "determine the data analysis methodology."


A comma is required (not optional as you may have been told) after "of data" and before "and data" in the serial list. See Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition, University of Chicago Press, 2010) at 6.18 (page 312).


Finally, the concluding phrase "data in the final analysis" does not make sense. It sounds like you are saying the statistcian is deciding which data points to include and which to exclude. Eliminate the other items in your serial list and you are left with "determine the data in the final analysis." Bad science! (you do not get to pick and choose your data). I cannot guess what you actually mean.

link comment answered Jan 20 '13 at 02:08 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

Nice response Jeff!


I believe "they", whomever they are, will collaborate with the statistician to decide which data to include in a final analysis. In this case, in might be more accurate to specify that "analysis" is synonymous with report if that's the case.


In clinical research, it's common to collect excessive amounts of data that is ultimately inconclusive or uninformative. All of the data will remain available for analysis however what is included in a report may be a selection of the data. This may sound like bad science taken out of context so I'll give an example. Study subject height and weight are often collected. The data analysis may show unremarkable results related to height and weight. The data is retained in a database, but perhaps omitted from the final report.

link comment answered Jan 23 '13 at 23:48 Beck New member

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