Grammarly "Awards" - NOT a Grammar question


I am looking over my "Reputation" and "Awards" under my profile.


How does the "Connector" award work? I have "liked" questions and "shared" questions--and they posted to Facebook--yet I am still at 0/10 for the Connector Award.


Am I doing something wrong?

asked Jan 17 '13 at 18:51 Tony Proano Expert

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The point of grammarly is to help students learn, it is very nice of you for helping other people. The Grammarly Awards system encourages people to help, but that shouldn't be your main motive. I feel like the only reason behind you trying to help people is to get awards. That is very wrong. Please stop worrying about awards and do something useful in life. Please don't be mad at me I'm just trying to help lol

link comment answered Mar 30 at 23:16 randomkid New member

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