Find the error in the sentences


Can anyone find the errors in each of these sentences?


"He asked me what can he do for me."

"The hotel's comfortable and the weather's attractive."

"There was far less people at the match than I expected."

If I was you, I'd get more sleep."

asked Jan 14 '13 at 18:10 Paul New member

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Yes, you capitalize after a question  and an exclamation mark.

link comment answered Jun 02 '13 at 23:58 r New member

pots masks salt fish and earring carved from Jade was probably traded at the city market Therewasn't anything made of metal hut knifes tools andmirrors made of obsidian a type of stone were traded. Big wall paintings or murals, have been found ib buildings and underground rooms Marking on the paintings show that the people probably used a form of picture writing Their is still much to know about this city of mystery as the past is dug up new things is learned

link comment answered Feb 26 '16 at 01:08 Nancy New member

change less to fewer

link comment answered Aug 21 '16 at 22:04 Stuart Dokken New member

Tell us, what's the highest score you ever had while playing the Solitare game on your laptop? 

link comment answered Nov 17 '16 at 10:56 joke New member

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