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1.I came directly from Mumbai.2.It is nothing else than pride.3.My hand is paining.4.I have not set up my mind weather to go or not.5.It is time you give up drinking.6.He was being hung for murder.

asked Jan 14 '13 at 06:30 Athu_Blues New member

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should i let you go or do we still havea chance?is it correct?

link comment answered Oct 18 '16 at 15:22 mariam New member

Today company have closed for holiday, hence tomorrow i will provide you for the same. & Nitin san is coming tomorrow for discussion, and he will be reached at jcb approx 11 am.

link comment answered Oct 19 '16 at 09:38 SURYA PRATAP Singh New member

Does she bake cakes every day

link comment answered Oct 19 '16 at 17:02 Paywand H Mustafa New member

Arrangements were made for tomorrow's program

link comment answered Nov 10 '16 at 04:20 NA Mala New member

Just want to know if you had received the documents from my end which i had emailed you yesterday .

link comment answered Dec 22 '16 at 10:53 Founa Rubert New member

I born and brought up in Baroda

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Tourism has been defined in various terms (Bentley & Page, 2001; Buckley, 2000; Hudson, 2002; Page, Bentley, & Walker, 2005; Swarbrooke et al., 2003). Broadly, it means guided commercial tours, where the principal attraction is an outdoor activity that relies on features of the natural terrain, generally requires specialized equipment, and is exciting for the tour clients. The clients may operate the equipment themselves or they may simply be passengers. This is an empirical product-oriented definition rather than a philosophical people-oriented one. And then the different clients on the same tour may have different skills, demographics, emotions, expectations and experiences, but they still all bought the same tour at the same time.

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The prisoners managed to escape despite the alarms positioned around the prison

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Tomorrow was not possible. I was not able to attend school.i sure I'll come back.

link comment answered Feb 16 at 00:16 Rrrttt New member

I met an European yesterday

link comment answered Feb 23 at 15:23 RAGHUL New member

Ive thrown out all my egos and I'm newly born now

link comment answered Feb 26 at 13:32 Dolores New member

i went out for walk.

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Changes are inevitable, everything is changing like arts

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The most crucial period for a parent is when the teenager must face the real world alone. Although, young people are capable to express their own opinion in this age, we notice that each of them react to that challenge by a different way. Making their revolution for independence not only refuses to follow rules which are not suitable to their temperament but also they can’t enforce their standards into their life as they do not know yet how to manage it.

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Shawn MooneyJan 16 '13 at 14:09

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now a days not seen u.. is it correct sentence?

link comment answered Jun 28 '16 at 03:44 Anu New member

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