when a person change a synonym in text, how is it saved to main document?


Three events that happen in the United States concerning fire services.

Grammarly suggested a different synonym.

See example:

The Chicago Fire, on October8, 1871 a Sunday evening after nine o'clock.
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Digital encoding specifies the way data bits are represented on the physical communication line. HDB3 stands for ‘High Density Bipolar 3’ that are a variation of AMI ‘Alternate Mark Inversion’ that allows at 4 sequent 0 voltage codes to be transmitted. Standard HDB3 is one’s of the complex methods of encoding digital data, which is used in telephone services. The advantages of this complexity are small bandwidth in order to allow many signals to be transmitted on a given communication channel, low DC level as signals with high levels are reduced more and it is more useful to transmit a signal over large distances, many changes in the voltage in order to allow synchronization among the transmitter and the receiver and non-polarized so that passing it on a twisted pair will not affect the signal.

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