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While attending primary school, I showed a talent for sport activities, Art and English language. I took part in many competitions and achieved noticeable results because of which I was highly esteemed by teachers and classmates. I also acquired a good knowledge in different subjects and became one of the best pupils in my generation. Besides school activities I was also interested in skiing, dancing and karate where I showed a great talent and skill, took part in different competitions, won numerous diplomas and medals. I was especially successful in karate where I showed the greatest ability and interest, won several first prizes and was one of the best sportswomen in my home town. Not only did I win first prizes at  competitions I spent some time coaching other competitors and advising them how to achieve noticeable results too.

By winning the second place in Art competition, acquiring a good knowledge in English and other subjects I gained “Vuk” diploma for immaculate academic performance in elementary education, which is considered an honor in my country.

By enrolling one of the most distinguished High schools in my home town I faced new challenges which included participation in  language competitions, organizing charities and UNESCO membership. Because of my communication skills, understanding and listening to other pupils I was elected president of my class every year. This enabled me to become a member of the School Parliament where I could present my ideas regarding the progress of the school. In order to improve my English and German knowledge I decided to spend summer holidays in London and Berlin.

Could you please check the above sentences and make corrections where you deem necessary?


Many thanks in advance.



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