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I am working on a YA story of a canine telling her story in her own voice. From articles I've read in fiction writing, it is said that present tense is the hardest to write. I have received feedback from my writer's group that they like my story but that I slip in and out of tenses, especially when my protagonist remembers a past event. They tell me to write it in the pov of third person. I do have difficulty writing in the first person's pov but I feel this is the only way to keep her story moving and in the "now" for young readers.


My question is: How do I make sure to keep her story in the first person's pove and present tense?

Do you have any tips to help me?


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The present tense is more immediate as a narrative device, but you will have to be careful as it can get monotonous. I would vary the tense with flashbacks in the past tense, if you can.

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