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As you remember when we were looking for calliper and torque tester. Naeem asked few companies about renting, they said they only sell that was the reason we agreed to send the samples to U of T. We found cheaper calliper and torque tester from and link was forwarded it to you.

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Our  countr  is  a  big and our people  are  good  too.When I  was  young one  of our  teacher  aske me: Where are  you from?I  told him  I an  from France  and our  countery  is  a  big country,and  everyone  around  the  world knows it.My  teacher  said: But  I  am  one of this  world  and  I have   no  idea about  your country.would  you like  to  stand up  and  tell us  something about France.

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Mr. Jas. Boone has lived at three twenty-eight Newton Terr. since Apr. nineteen hundred and sixty-three. He is a devoted outdoorsman even though he weighs only one hundred and thirty Ibs. and stands a little over 5 ft. He walks five mi. every day and treats his own illness, instead of sending for a Dr. Recently he persuaded Hon. Smith and Rev. Bradley to accompany him to the V.A. hospital, where the sts. are quiet and the bldgs. are beautiful to the eye. Late in the P.M. he is likely to call his friends Chas. Williams, Geo. Glass, Eliz. Bowen over for apples and popcorn before they go for a long hike in the cool of the eve. 365 days of the year, Jas. is out there walking the hwys and byways. He says if he had a $ for every mi. he's walked, he'd be a rich man.

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