I submited my uni assignment into your checker under general. When I checked for Plagiarism it scored me at 9%. When I submitted same document into Turnitin through the uni turnitin reported 35%. I have signed up to Grammarly purely for the plagiarism checker if its this far off the mark it could cost me my place let alone my grade. Can you explain why there is so much error?

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Sensorineural deafness (58% of patients)Eye abnormalities—especially retinopathy, and microphthalmia (43% of patients)Congenital heart disease—especiallypulmonary artery stenosis and patent ductus arteriosus (50% of patients)[5]

Other manifestations of CRS may include:

Spleen, liver, or bone marrow problems (some of which may disappear shortly after birth)Intellectual disabilitySmall head size (microcephalyEye defectsLow birth weightThrombocytopenic purpuraExtramedullary hematopoiesis (presents as a characteristic blueberry muffin rashHepatomegalyMicrognathia

Children who have been exposed to rubella in the womb should also be watched closely as they age for any indication of:

Developmental delayAutism[6]Schizophrenia[7]Growth retardation[8]Learning disabilitiesDiabetes mellitus[9]

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 Nowadays, there are many social networks that can be found on internet and there are also many people are using it. One of the most popular social network is Facebook. Facebook can be simply defined as a social network site which facilitates communications. Look around, you can see how most peoples spend their time setting with smart phones in their hand, scrolling through news feed on Facebook. This website can be beneficial in several aspects, but it also has disadvantages, especially to teenagers. The disadvantage of Facebook are Facebook can cause teenagers to lack of privacy, lack in social skill, and have serious health problems.The biggest criticism that Facebook faces, is the “lack of privacy” of users. In Facebook users put their private information which can easily be observed by others. For privacy security Facebook authority took many steps. And its true that if the users follow those security options, sensitive   information of the users will remain safe. But due to complexity of security options and lack of knowledge, most of the users don’t use those security options. As a result security breach is a must. Criminals and cheaters may use their personal information to cheat. Teenagers and celebrities can face stalking and unwanted disturbance. In the same way, Facebook makes teenagers lack in social skill. Notice how most teenagers prefer communicating with their friends online instead of going outside and actually meet each other. Even if they are all gathering together, they will still have their phones in their hand to check their Facebook notification. Social skill are essential for everyone especially when working. But by spending too much time on Facebook, teenagers are unable to develop their social skill because instead of talking to an individual, they sat all day, facing computer and phone screen all day long playing Facebook. So, Facebook results in less face-to-face interaction, causing teens to lack in social skill.Finally, Facebook can cause serious health problem among to teenagers. Teenagers should be healthy in order to have a good and long life.teens will have the tendency to broadcast everything about their life on Facebook. Staring on computer and phone screen for too long will cause poor eyesight. Sitting all day playing Facebook and added up with bad eating habits will also cause obesity among teenagers. To make it worse, studies also show that this social website also increase the rate of depression, anxiety, and physical stress due to lack of sleep among teenagers. Hence, Facebook affects health among teens negatively.In conclusion, the social networking site Facebook is not just a disadvantage to the user it is also tucked a little advantage to the user. Therefore, we should use the social networking site Facebook is in the proper way and not abused. However, parents should also play their role in supervising young people nowadays so that their children do not get caught up in the abuse Facebook. We as a society visionary, it should be efficient in addressing the abuse Facebook this is because this can lead to abuse Facebook economic downturn.

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