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Sorry, due to 31st december we could not able to sent home delivery, sorry for the inconveyance.

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Sorry, due to December 31st...

The specific date is not the reason, but the associated holiday New Year's Eve. (Though, this could be different in your part of the world... wherever that may be.)


Your use of "we could not able to" is equivalent to "we were unable to" but the context of the entire sentence indicates to me the phrase isn't required.

Your use of "sent home delivery" is redundant, "home delivery" provides all of the information needed.


You stared the sentence with "Sorry," and should avoid using the same word to start the next clause, or sentence. Adjust the sentence to cut one of them.

"Inconvenience" is the word you want, not "inconveyance" (though it is a fitting word).


Overall, the sentence is verbose and can be made more concise.


Sorry, due to the New Year's Holiday, home delivery was not available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Do we say I I spended the past hours not sleeping or spent ?!!!

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The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
Nicolas Bazán MD, PhD, Travel Fellowships: ARVO 2013

This is my Acknowledgement letter:
I am grateful to you and very proud to obtain The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology – “Nicolas Bazan Travel Fellowship”
I have work in research before than becomes in physician, from the school of Medicine (University of Buenos Aires, Argentine), in the pharmacology laboratory (1995). After that, I have done my residence in Ophthalmology and teach pharmacology in the Faculty of Medicine in Buenos Aires; then I have continuous my studies in Spain, with the “Fundación Carolina,” grant and performed during two years the fellowship called: “Master” in Ocular Surface Disorders & Uveitis (IOBA, University of Valladolid, Spain); then I have obtain my “PhD” in Vision Sciences (University of Valladolid, Spain); my thesis was about the development of an animal model of LASIK in hens (published in 2005 in JRS).
After five years outside from my country, I have return to Argentine and keep works with patients and also in clinical and basic research. Since 2008, I was elected as Scientific Secretary from “The Entre Ríos Association of Ophthalmology” (Asociación Entrerriana de Oftalmología - AEO I work to improve the scientific level in my region and begun in 2009 with a regional annual meeting of ophthalmology. This year is called “AEO2013” (our Annual Course from the association), which will take place at June 15th, , in Paraná City, Entre Ríos – Argentine. Always in this course, topics about “researh” in ophthalmology are present. This year, Dr. Juan Gallo (the president from AIVO (Argentinan ARVO International Affiliate Chapter) will be one of our speakers.
Finally “Dear Nicolas Bazan”   thanks again  to you, for your travel fellowship and specially for your time and wise words during this annual meeting. It was very nice to meet and I hope to keep in touch in the future. You give me energy to go ahead. Thank you!

Also, I want to thanks for all the people who works in ARVO, specially to Jaya Pothen (Grants Coordination) for your kindly and helpful atentions.

link comment answered May 22 '13 at 14:04 Rodrigo Torres New member

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