"This would help us correct the information", "This would help to keep the room cool." Where/how to use 'to' after 'help'?

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 I have always been interested to scientifically understand people’s behavior, judgment and their cognitive process. However, I had never found a great opportunity like today to fulfill my passion by involving in an academic program in psychology. This passion of understanding human’s behavior, was reinforced by my personal gift of empathy, compassion, and the sheer joy of helping people, in such a way that, I have been consistently approached by my friends to share their problems with me.
Since our family immigrated to Canada, it was a great opportunity for me to see how I can get professionally involved in the field of my interest. I was sure that in this country, if I genuinely prove my passion, I can fulfill my all time dream to work professionally in this field. I searched for many programs until I found that University of Waterloo stands out as one of the best programs in psychology throughout the Canada. The Department of Psychology in waterloo, provides a rigorous and broad-based undergraduate education in psychology and a variety of academic plans such as Regular and Co-op in which student are able to deeply learn theory and practice (through co-op) of psychology. Besides, expert faculty members in U of W have expertise in several of the subareas of Psychology including behavioral neuroscience, clinical, cognition, developmental and so on which let me explore a very broad range of topics which are not available in other universities.


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What did you want to do with your "statement of purpose", Somayyeh? yousufMay 20 '11 at 16:21

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